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RV series worm gear reducer box

Performance characteristics
◆ vertical output, compact structure, high-precision worm gear drive to ensure that fly under the smooth working of low noise, long life. 
◆ installation: at the end of the foot to install, the installation of the hollow shaft, flange installation, torque arm installation, the installation of the small flange. 
◆ Input Method: Direct motor, motor or a belt connected to input shaft, input flange connection. 
◆ output mode: Hollow shaft output or solid output shaft, with an average efficiency of 80%. 
◆ two-stage combination of the speed ratio can be greater

Technical parameters
Ratio range: 5 ~ 5500 basic, three-level combined reach more than 32,625 
Torque range: 2 ~ 300 Nm 
Power range: 0.045 ~ 22kW

Basic models
RV25 RV30 RV40 RV50 RV63 RV75 RV90 RV110 RV130 RV150 RV180

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