EVER-POWER is well known manufacturers & exporters of Air Compressor, We supplier Screw Air Compressor, Booster Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Air Dryers and its spare parts and accessories. The company have high operating competence with low specific horse power; they are available in various operating parameters to suit the market requirements.

CM / B series of water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressor is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, reliable air compressor.

Because of pure water in sealing, cooling and lubrication of the compression process, greatly improve the efficiency, than the same power gas production rate than dry oil-free machine increase by more than 15%, greatly reduce the energy consumption. It supplies only cheap water, air filter and water filter, low maintenance cost. 

100% oil-free compressed air, 100% pure compressed air, 100% compression system without oil pollution risk 

In the course of food, beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging, electronics manufacturing, painting, powder coating and textile manufacturing, it is necessary to eliminate any oil pollution risk, otherwise it will cause serious consequences, damage, production pause, brand and credit damage. Xinmai Er oil-free screw compressor with pure water as a lubricating medium, the host part of no oil, but also because of pure water on the air cleaning effect, the production of compressed air is absolutely pure, without any pollution。


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