For the simple introduction of the tooth side clearance issues: when the gear transmission, keep a certain gap at the non-working tooth surface, so that make it easy to storage of lubricating oil, compensate some error of the dimensional changes caused by the elastic deformation and processing and assembly.


         The manufacturing precision of the gears and the gear side gap is mainly based on the use and working conditions of the gear. To the indexing drive gear, the main requirement is sports accuracy of gear, making the movement of passing accurate and reliable; To the gear for high-speed power transmission, in order to reduce the impact and noise, the gear must require work steady; To the gear for heavy low-speed transmission, the gear should better be accuracy of contact, so that make the engaging the contact area larger, and it will not cause the premature wear of the gear surfaces.



The major elements of the gear can be list as follow:

         1. Tooth thickness;

         2. The position of the teeth on the circumference;

         3. Tooth tpye;

         4. In the direction of the teeth;

         5. The inclination angle of the teeth.

         Not only the finish of the working surface of the teeth of the gear box, the hardness of the work surface, the quality of the gear blank material, but also the width of the teeth have a very large impact on the quality of work time of the gear.

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