Drive sprocket Installation requirements: 

  1. according to the models specifications the select the right drive sprocket model.

  2. check the installation position of drive sprocket(transmission output of auxiliary shaft, wheel hub, etc.) and make sure they are in good state, otherwise we shall repair or replace related parts.

  3. installed on the main and driven sprocket to reach the designated position and tighten fasteners to the specified torque requirements.

  4. installed on the drive chain and adjust tightness, check the chain and sprocket and make sure they are smooth, coplanar, and no interference with the chain cover.



  1. driven sprocket should have anti-loosening measures.

  2. clean and lubricate the drive chain and the drive sprocket regularly , in order to increase its service life.

  3. should better keep the sprocket and chain replaced at the same time, because it will exacerbate both wear if only to replace the one of them.

  4. it is normal that drive sprocket wear and tear is faster than the driven wheel' under the same conditions, it is due to the high speed and less teeth of the drive sprocket.

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