The helical gear is not an yield of a modern invention, but a refined extension of a spur gear.

It is a lot analogous to spur gear, though it is more sophisticated in operation. The teeth make it more effective, because they are angular to the axis of rotation rather than parallel to the shaft, as you know, gear is always in a carved shape. The angular tooth enables helical gear to be in accordance with both the position parallel and crossed and allows it to function swimmingly and voicelessly. In case of parallel orientation, the teeth of the gears contact with the one side of the gear wheel at a time, do not make contact with the opposite side of the wheel until develop into a full line contact as the gear rotates. With crossed orientation, two helical gears are non parallel to the axis of the rotation that enhances the line of contact, resulting into bearing a high load at fast speed.

Some Critical Features:

  • The teeth of the helical gear are longer and stronger than the other, which make it more efficient.

  • They are preferred for high speed application.

  • Because of a wide line of contact enables the helical gears for carrying high load.

  • These gears do not need LSD oil rather than ordinary oil

  • Such gears can exceed the speed of 50ms when they are properly machined and balance.

  • The longer the angle, the smoother the operation and the higher speed is possible however the thrust loadings on the supporting bearings also goes up.

  • Helical is the crucial component in order to obtain compact, lightweight, simple configuration of the machines.

The Role of Helical Gears:

The study of design, friction, wear, and life of  helical gear reveals that it is versatile enough to expedite propulsion system. It characterizes high speed, heavy load and lightweight gearing as a result, it makes an important place in the aircraft industry. Helical gears are rather used in the transmission system of the aircraft because the gears provide the appropriate space between the parallel engine and the rotating shaft. Such gears are remarkably useful for improving the performance. Double  helical gear that extrinsically pumps the air lubricant axially, leading to the highest performance.

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