Like many other mechanical products, u-joints also require maintenance and lubrications from time to time when they are in applications. For example, if the grease is left to dry out, the joint not only causes squeaking noises but the roller bearings inside may damage the joint. Thus, we should not ignore the significance of the maintenance of the products.

Universal joint is a mechanical connection between rotating shafts which are generally not in parallel.It allows positive transmission of rotating power at a much larger angle than is permissible with a flexible coupling. Besides, it can transmit torque and motion. This mechanical product is as important as many other kinds of mechanical parts. Of course, it has a wide range of applications. It can be widely used in all types of  power transmission systems.

What should you do if the u-joint is damaged? Obviously, you should replace it with a new one. Then you can remove and install them using a vise. The disassembly of the u-joint requires you to follow tips.

First of all, you should match mark the differential flange, yoke and drive shaft with a crayon as a guide for reassembling, if you are just servicing the joint. Then you may clamp the joke in a vise without bending the yoke. After you have done the protection measures, you should remove the snap rings from the u-joints or yoke caps by using a screwdriver, snap-ring pliers or needle nose pliers. The tool you make use of depends on the type of rings used.

besides, you should remove the u-joint from the yokes. Place a socket with a smaller outside diameter than one of the bearing caps at the end of the u-joint and another socket with a larger inside diameter than the bearing cap on the opposite side of the joint. In addition to them, there are still some steps to follow. After that, you should set the u-joint and sockets inside a vise. Then press the vise to force the bearing caps out of the joint. Before replacing the u-joint with a new one, you should make sure that all the related components are cleaned.

Those are the main instructions you should follow if you want to disassemble the u-joints. You can do the work well if you refer to them strictly.

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