Industrial Chain is the flexible member which consist of adjacent the same or opposite of the same component parts. All chain used on the machinery, institutions and machine known as the industrial chain.

       Every country has its own standard on the chain quality, but the chain parameters and performance required are made by the International Organization for Standardization ISO. The chain acceptance is judged based on sampling standard, and the standard is JB/JQ18006-88 "precision roller chain bush chain product quality grading".


The Chain organic combination of mechanisms and heat treatment process after process route, through the material restructuring, stamping, heat treatment, forming assembly (or welding). At present, most of the enterprises in China manufactures the chain apply plane, automatic line or production line, some companies increase of non-destructive testing on the key process.


The chain drive and gear transmission have the following characteristics:

         1. Suitable for high-temperature, dusty, humid harsh environments.

         2. multi-tooth bearing, good safety performance;

         3. Low manufacture, installation and accuracy requirements;

         4. Flexible drives, absorb shock and vibration;

         5. Large center distance range;

     6. High efficiency, accurate drive.

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