As we can see, the world is developing more and more quickly. And there are many industries which are also developed rather fast. Among all the different industries, the mechanical components are very commonly used. They are important parts to form machines and equipments.

In our daily life, we may come across various mechanical parts. Some of them may be very familiar to us like bearings, valves, etc, while others we may not have a clear idea. But whatever kind of mechanical part it is, we can not ignore its function. Among various categories of mechanical parts, helical gears are quite popular. They are mechanical items which can serve several purposes.

Helical gears applied in the industries come in diverse weight and sizes. There are many different types of helical gears which can be used in different places. Therefore, the application of helical gears is diverse, and we can not give a specific list. We can see that mechanical industry has a quick development. It is no doubt that the market demands for helical gears that are used in industrial applications are increasing.

Obviously, the application of helical gears is quite large. For example, they can be used in fertilizer industry, railway industry, printing industry, and earth moving industry, etc. Except for these industries, there are also many others where helical gears can play a rather important role. Then, let us see a few of the applications of helical gears.

First, the earth moving industry: in our society especially in cities, there are always a lot of constructions. In order to fulfill these tasks, equipment and machinery are necessary. These equipments require the need of helical gears. For instance, helical gears like spur, helical, and planetary form an integral part of the machinery and vehicles used in the earth moving industry.

Second, the railway industry: railways are indispensable in our society. In railways, there is a wide range of helical gears and  helical gear equipments used in different railway applications. For the special requirements of the railways, the specialized helical gears are brought into use. They are applied to achieve the certain purposes.

Third, the power industry: it is no doubt that power industry needs many types of mechanical items. And of course, helical gears are also necessary components. In every process of power generation and power transmission, helical gear power transmission equipments have been used for a long period of time. helical gear equipments support all different aspects of the power generation process.  helical gear peripherals are used in different processes of power generation, like in the gas turbine electric power generation, coal-power electrical plants and so on.

Addition to the above applications, there are also many others. All in all, the application of helical gear is widespread. Different kinds of helical gears can have different functions so as to meet the various requirements.

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