If your company uses EVER-POWER's products, then chances are you've probably had the frustrating experience of having to repair or replace failed machinery. Improper repairs can be costly, as they can lead to having to replace failed components, including Falk reducers.

Following sound maintenance practices is crucial to prolong the life of industrial equipment components. Furthermore, proper maintenance will save you money down the road on repairs. Here are a few maintenance mistakes commonly made by companies that use power transmission equipment:

question: Gearbox Failure.
There are many causes of gearbox failure. These can include overloading, worn components, application changes, etc. Neglecting regular gearbox repair can lead to gearbox failure.

measure: Don't slack on maintenance.
Check shafting, gearings and bearings regularly. If the gearbox does happen to break, it's important to figure out why it happened, so that the same thing doesn't happen to the replacement gearbox.

question: Broken belts.
Undertensioning is a common problem with V-belts. This causes the belt to move independently of the sheave, producing heat from friction. Heat hardens the belt, causing it to crack and eventually break.

measure: Proper installation and tensioning.
While you should follow manufacturer instructions when installing a V-belt, it should also be checked after an hour or two of operation. This will allow enough time for any needed adjustment to become apparent, and will help you avoid an expensive replacement due to an unnoticed discrepancy in tension.

question: Shaft misalignment.
If a shaft is not properly aligned, problems can occur, such as a bent pto shaft.

measure: Align to specifications rather than coupling capacities.
Align shafts to equipment specifications rather than coupling capacities. Make sure parallel and angular alignment is as close to perfect as possible, even if this requires precision tools such as laser alignment equipment.

A few other common problems for Falk Reducers and other transmission components include worn bearings, worn couplings, and lack of lubrication. A visual inspection is a good place to start, and can indicate basic problems such as an unstable foundation for machinery. Indeed, all five senses can come in handy when inspecting equipment.

If you and your team cannot determine the problem with a transmission part, it's time to call in the experts. Repair professionals will be able to tell you if the problem is corrosive material in lubrication, process-included misalignment, or something else.

Through consistent maintenance, you can ensure your equipment will enjoy a long lifespan. If you're dealing with broken reduction drives or other parts, consider contacting an expert who offers Falk Renew or another repair package.

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